Paediatric care

After birth it is just as important to have your child checked by a Chiropractor. The minute they are born they have already experienced their first trauma, whether born naturally or via Caesarean a tremendous amount of pressure is applied to the baby’s neck and body and this can cause their first subluxation.  

Whilst a child’s spine and body is incredibly flexible and mobile, even minor stresses such as the rapid growth they experience, or the multiple falls they encounter on a daily basis can impact the function of their spine creating tension and subluxations. 

Chiropractors use gentle, effective techniques adapted specifically to children depending on the age, size and individual bodies.  Having your child checked regularly particularly growth stages will help their bodies develop optimally.

Did you know that adjusting a child is very different then adjusting an adult? An adjustment given to a child does not produce a “popping” noise. A Chiropractor trained in pediatric adjusting uses very gentle pressure to remove stress from the body. This pressure can be compared to the amount of pressure from a finger onto an eye just before it becomes uncomfortable.